So why won't they release the names or faces of the people arrested for stealing the Nazi sign?

A Nazi sign stolen from the Auschwitz death camp – described as the “defining symbol of the Holocaust” – has been recovered by police and 5 men have been arrested. Polish police say they are DEFINITELY NOT PART OF A NEO-NAZI GROUP.

So who are they? And why is there a cover-up about their identities?

The 16ft-long Nazi relic was discovered sliced into three pieces in woods in northern Poland. Five men aged between 20 and 39 have been arrested on suspicion of the theft, which caused outrage around the world.

Polish police have released video footage of the astonishing theft, but denied reports the men had political motives. “We can say that none of the five are members of a neo-Nazi group,” said deputy Krakow police commander Andrzej Rokita. SKY NEWS

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