8 comments on “Islamic Terrorism is growing in China, too.

  1. it’s their taqiya to spread lie about people converting to Islam, even Paris Hilton were claimed already converted to Islam. LOL
    i do really admire your work BNI, please post more about “Hoax of Islam”, there are many hoax about people converting to Islam or news saying that Islam is persecuted.

    too many people believe that many European or western people are converting to Islam, the fact is too many European don’t want to have children, decreasing in number and too many moslem immigrant roaming Europe and the population increasing. please post about this so people will see who’s the liar. many moslems Indonesian are happy to hear this lie and believe it.

    there are growing number of moslem young generation loosing faith, but there are also growing number of extremist here (and it’s bigger than the 1st i mentioned)

    back before late 90’s my moslem friends still eager to shake hands to say xmas or happy vesakh or happy nyepi day, but now NADA… ZERO. it’s really sad how sharia law slowly but sure ruining friendship and hospitality. T_T

    and back before 90’s interfaith marriage is allowed but now NADA… many minorities who are trying to marry moslem facing problem and many of them converted to Islam. interfaith marriage has been wiped out from this country. before 90’s there were alot of interfaith marriages. AGAIN SHARIA LAW SLOWLY BUT SURE IS GOING TO TAKE MY COUNTRY UNDER CONTROL…

    please post more about HOAX OF ISLAMS (Converting etc) so google will put this keyword on google search and will be the main results when people type ISLAM in google.

    i think it’s correct that future world problem is Islam. like Nazi in WWII

  2. I came from Indonesia, biggest moslem country in the world. though our president claimed that we are the most tolerant moslem country, the fact is not.

    at christmas or easter, christians need police guardiance around the churches to avoid bombs and terrorists and nowaday many churches decided to build churches inside malls or shopping centers. the Ahmadiyah can not practice or pray at their own mosque, and many of them killed because they are different then mainstream islam.

    i think the time will come that people will see the real face of islam because of the open media like internet. in Indonesia many moslem young generation loosing their faith in islam and they’re becoming more tolerant, becoming atheist or embracing other religion like christianity.

    growing up in Indonesia made me can devide kinds of moslem:
    1. Good moslems: they are only few. they are usually intelect, have higher education, mostly don’t practice shariah rule like 5 times praying etc. most of them are tolerant to other, they are eager to shake hand and saying merry xmas or other non moslem holiday greetings.

    2. Most moslems: they are hypocrite people, they hate non moslem implicitly, they don’t want to shake hand on christmas day or other non moslem holiday greetings, they refuse to receive food from non moslem as they think it is not halal or suspiciously contains pork.

    3. Bad moslems: they explicitly hate non moslem, extremely hate christians. burn or shut down churches or other minorities.

  3. Apologies on this repeat, I had a Glitch with my wireless connection and the first effort seemed to go to computer heaven, but no, it turned up and now we have two. Sorry to bore you.

  4. As a teacher in China for the last years I know the Chinese will not let this situation exist for very long. Last year Musims went on a rampage and killed about 200 of the Han people. This was put down immediatey. The Han people have mainly in the history of China been its leaders. China will bide its time and when the time is right they will act very quickly and stamp them out before anyone even knows it has happened. This is their way and I know they will not tolerate it. My students write and tell me how much danger there is in Islam so I am sure they are being warned about it by their government in preparation for their extinction.

    • Therese, and when the Uighurs threatened to disrupt the Olympics there, the government severely restricted their attendance at mosques and required that a state-appointed imam only be allowed to preach at the mosques. They were also forbidden from fasting for Ramadan I think.Or at least the women and children were.

  5. This problem in China has been gradually increasing over the last five years. I have been living intermittently over the last few years in China and have worked in various provinces there. From Harbin in the north, Beijing to Shanghai. I know Chinese authorities will put them down when the time is right. If they will put down innocent students as in Tianamin Square, they will not think twice about it. Two hundred Chinese Han people were slaughtered last year by Muslims. It was a bloodbath. I believe China is waiting on more terrorist activities in the west to justify them putting the “problem” down. And who can blame them for that? It will be swift and sure when it does happen. I am still in touch with many of my students there and they will let me know what they know. Modern young Chinese are not like they were, and the internet has made them this way. Thanks Bill Gates.

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