PAKISTANI MUSLIMS attack 65 Christian worshippers at Christmas service

On the eve on 24th December 2009, as Christians were gathered at the church site for worship, a mob of MUSLIM extremists attacked the worshipers and injured around 65 women and children.

The young men tried to protect the women and Children, but couldn’t stop them as they were armed. The Pastor Naveed John called the DCO, but he didn’t respond and the local police refused to file a FIR.

Government of Pakistan allotted a piece of land to the Christian Community for building a Church next to the Motorway at Kalar Kahar.  On 4th December 2009, the Church committee laid the foundation to start the construction. On the morning of 6th December some Muslim religious fundamentalists came and stopped the workers and threatened them of dire consequences.Pastor Naveed John came to the scene and told them that he has the property papers, so they cant stop the construction. 2 days latter a larger group of the Islamic fundamentalists came and threatened the workers. The Church Committee contacted the local police for assistance and filed a complaint, they sent 5 armed policemen. They stood at the site of construction, after a few days the same thing happened, but the police was unable to stop them.

Violence against the Christians in Punjab is growing, and the Punjab Government should wake up and take action to protect the life and property of the Christians.Pakistan Christian Post via Religion of Peace







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