Now Palestinians are blaming Israel for increased birth defects

According to al-Jazeera, Israeli bombings of the Gaza Strip have left a high concentration of toxic metals in its soil which doctors in Gaza believe are the reason they’re seeing a high number of babies with birth defects.

The world will believe this latest blood libel against Israel even though the real cause of so many birth defects in Muslims is their habit of marrying first cousins.

Dr. Jehad Abudaia, a Canadian-Palestinian pediatrician and urologist practicing in Gaza, says “It is astonishing that we have [so] many cases with this rare birth defect.. He attributes the high frequency of this birth defect in Gaza families to “consanguinity,” or in-breeding. “If you want to go to the root of the problem, this problem runs in families in the genes.” Abudaia says. “They want to get married to cousins… they don’t go to another family. This is a problem.”

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In the UK, 3/4 of Pakistanis marry family members, causing huge health problems and out of control health costs for the national health care system.

Most Pakistani Muslims don’t care about the risks of 140 recessive genetic disorders that marrying cousins can cause and accuse anyone who tries to convince them otherwise of racism. There’s a 1 in 8 chance that the children of two first cousins will have a serious genetic disorder.