"Put anyone who is a 'KNOWN MUSLIM' in a separate airport line"

“That goes for anyone named Ahmed or Abdul or Muhammad, as well,” says conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY): “100 percent of the Islamic terrorists are Muslim, and that is our main enemy today. So why we should not be profiling people because of their religion?

Terrorism pundit Steven Emerson: “Remember, there have been so many complaints about quote, profiling, by the quote, Islamic civil rights groups, that they stopped basically profiling. And that basically led to not putting this guy onto the terrorist watch list.LINK

Gotta love people like this who aren’t afraid to say what we all (except for left wing slime) are thinking.

SUSPICIOUS-looking Muslims should face full body scans at airports, say security experts.

It is the only way to combat any repeat of the bid to blow up the Northwest Airlines 253 with explosives sewn into underpants. Philip Baum, editor of Aviation Security International magazine, said the scanners would be reserved for suspicious travellers only.  “It’s not rocket science,’’ he added. “That guy needed to be looked at in greater detail. It’s not about race, religion or colour of skin.” Extra security checks held up some transatlantic flights for more than five hours yesterday. UK DAILY STAR

Gee, now that should go over well with Muslims, especially the bagheads.

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