Western countries condemn Iranian violence against protesters but as usual Obama remains silent

During the June 2009 protests that rocked Iran over election fraud, the Obama administration was silent for days, then came out and embraced improved relations with the regime in the hope of improving the chances for a negotiated end to Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The “grand bargain” approach advocated by the foreign policy establishment sought to give the Iranian regime security guarantees and regional hegemony in exchange for Iran giving up its nuclear weapons program. While the Obama administration was willing to engage in negotiations without precondition, in fact perpetual mullah rule was a precondition.

The negotiations went nowhere. The Iranians have used the past 6 months to accelerate their nuclear program, stir up trouble in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, make alliances with Hugo Chavez, and continue to arm Hamas and Hezbollah as forward bases in anticipation of a confrontation over the nuclear program. One again, protests are spreading in Iran, and news is getting out through the blogosphere and internet. Will Obama break his silence on vacation to take the side of the Iranian people?

If the excuse last time was that we should do nothing to disrupt nuclear negotiations, what is the excuse this time, now that negotiationshave failed? LINK

UPDATE: Well OK, Obama finally issues a statement, but one that will once again have the Iranian mullahs rolling in laughter at the “trying to act tough” pantywaisted American ‘leader.’