FINLAND: Albanian 'MUSLIM' shooter kills five people in a city near Helsinki

Police have found the body of a MUSLIM man, Ibrahim Shkupoll, who shot dead five innocent people at a shopping mall in Espoo.

Ibrahim Shkupolli, MUSLIM shooter

Officers also found the body of a woman in a nearby flat. It is understood she was the 43-year-old killer’s partner and worked at the Sello centre.

Reports said a lone gunman dressed in black had walked through the mall randomly firing at shoppers. The gunfire caused panic among the hundreds of people inside the building, and authorities evacuated the area.

An employee was apparently seen lying on the floor in the upper level of one of the centre’s grocery shops. The STT news agency reported that one of the victims had been shot twice in the head. SKY NEWS

Albanian Muslims, aren’t they the ones Bill Clinton sent in troops to protect? Hmmmmm