Is this British journalist attempting to justify Islamic Jihad?

A fascinating series of short video clips from British journalist, Richard Watson, who tries to rationalize the behavior of radical Muslim jihadists in the West.

Watson blames radical Islamism on everything except the one thing that is the cause – Islam itself. He appears sympathetic to the poor little terrorists, attributing their bad behavior to social alienation, corruption of Islam by Islamic scholars, the West’s history of killing Muslims (though oddly, he picks the Bosnian war to do this),  and a lack of understanding and acceptance of Muslims by Britons. In the last video, he seems impressed with the ability of the Islamists to always stay one step ahead of Western intelligence. What is most disturbing is the look on his face in these videos, condescending and at times smirking to suggest he actually admires and respects the jihadists.

In my opinion, this journalist demonstrates exactly why Britain is being Islamized faster than most any other Western country. Are any of my British friends here familiar with this guy?

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