Why are there so many Muslims in ‘Dearbornistan?’

Dearborn, Michigan has the largest Muslim population of any U.S. city. The main reason can be tied directly back to the beacon of hatred Henry Ford had for the Jews. Ford would not allow a Jew* to work in his factory, which is why Dearborn became known as the American Mecca for Muslims.

*The ‘no-Jew’ policy has since been rescinded

In this modest town of just about a hundred thousand people, about a third of the population there is of Middle Eastern origin. Muslims make up approximately 60% of the population while the remaining 40% are Christians. In the current political climate it has led to problems, with Muslims complaining of surveillance in mosques and social prejudice. When the American car-maker Henry Ford opened his plant in Dearborn, Michigan, his legacy was more than an industrial one – he contributed to the formation of one of United States’ largest Middle Eastern communities. RT

1938: GERMANY. Four months after the forced annexation of Austria by the Nazis, Henry Ford accepts the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle for his invaluable contributions to the Third Reich, including large cash donations to the Nazis to finance their takeover of Germany, and thousands of military vehicles and warplane engines to power the Nazi conquest of Europe and Britain

Henry Ford was a giant anti-Semite who partnered with Adolf Hitler’s deranged pre WW II vision of how the world should unfold in the future. Ford had a flawed character since he was so captivated by the idea of Jewish financiers plotting to undermine the United States prior to World War Two.

Henry Ford became a proselytizer for “The Protocols” in his newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. Adolph Hitler, an admirer of Ford, was introduced to “The Protocols” by the Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg, and cited it in “Mein Kampf.” More than 23 editions of the The Protocols were published by the Nazi party. This 34-page 1939 newspaper, illustrated above, was dedicated to exposing how warped and un-American this powerful businessman had become prior to World War Two (Ford’s rant against the Jews had been going on for nearly 20 years up to this time)

Henry Ford’s beliefs and core values around his movement of “Jews being the world’s foremost problem” was an extreme negative proposition. By the late 1930s, Ford knew he was being used by Fascist groups all over the world and that reprints of his writings on “The Jewish Question” in his Dearborn Independent magazine had become a “best seller” among the Nazis. CARS

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6 comments on “Why are there so many Muslims in ‘Dearbornistan?’

  1. This is an absolutely foolish article. Arabs have been in Dearborn since the early 20th century. The first wave of Arab Americans to Dearborn were Lebanese Christians, who were then followed by Syrian Christians. After 1948 you had waves of Palestinians following the Lebanese and Syrians to Dearborn, and the Palestinians were about half Muslim and half Christian. It wasn’t until the last 20 years or so that you saw mostly Arab Muslims going to Dearborn- most of them being Iraqi, Yemenese and Lebanese Shia. Its an absolute joke to say that “Muslims” went to Dearborn because Henry Ford was an “antisemite” as the first Arab immigrants to Dearborn were Christian and that Muslim immigrants to Dearborn are fairly new immigrants. My credentials on the topic- I’m an Arab Christian from Dearborn!

    • I agree with the majority portion of your comment but Yemeni people have migrated to Michigan and New York since the 40’s. Hence, a half century off is a big deal, Isa. Besides that it’s awesome that you are standing up against frank’s disgruntled comment.

  2. Truth is that Gary has his facts correct. Frank you need a reality check, google are you serious? Also YOU sound like the one who has the bad attitude as well as some pent up anger. I didnt read anything in Garys comment that even came close to attacking jews or muslims. You are a true Jack A**

  3. Henry Ford was not a Jew Hater………….you got it all wrong.

    Henry the First did more to defeat Hitler than and Jew Banker ever did in their dreams.
    Ford converted his factories to make military hardware and had he not done so we would all be speaking German this very day.

    Truth is that the after WWII not one Wall Street bank would loan Ford a dime to retool his factories. Jews running banks hated Ford for selling Germany some Ford Trucks before Hitler came to power. These Pinheads held a grudge against Ford Motor without cause. Ford ceased all shipments to Germany when Hitler began to rise with the Third Reich Power Machine.

    Post war Ford desperately needed someone with deep pockets and having been black-balled from American Financial Banking turned to the Oil Rich Arab Shieks in power in Lebanon and Syria. They agreed to back Ford Motor Company with low interest loans on the one condition that Ford Motor give their people a job in America when they imigrated. Any job would do starting at the bottom as a plant sweeper. Ford agreed.

    Hence, that is how the chain was started. When one family from the Middle East became solvent and established in East Dearborn then another would follow and share housing temporairly etc,. and so it went until Dearborn became the Largest Muslim Community in America.

    In the good name of Henry Ford the First…………….this is how it happened.
    I know , I was a kid in the early post war years. I was told this by people that worked at Ford Motor Dearborn and saw this whole thing first hand.
    That is the truth.
    Why do you think Ford Turned down Stimulus Money from Wall Street in 2008. The Ford Family
    doesn’t need the Jew Bankers money. They got other friends with deeper pockets than Wall

    • Um you couldn’t be more wrong, you are talking about henry ford’s son not henry ford the first.

      Henry ford 1 was a horrible anti-semite that wrote articles for the dearborn independent which he then put into a book form called “international jew”

      This book is used & reprinted to this day by neo-nazis & white supremists.

      This anti-semitism is part of the reason so many muslims migrated to dearborn, that & the chance to work in his new rouge plant that promised $5 a day at that time.

      Henry ford 1 said all the world’s problems are because of the jew so try using google & learn a little something before going off on a huge rant about what you think you know.

      I get the feeling you are part of some skin head group or maybe the klan with your attitude towards jews maybe even muslim not sure but real bad attitude & you don’t have a clue what henry ford the anti-semite stood for.

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