American Airlines planning to offer direct flights from Guantanamo Bay to Yemen

Go directly to Yemen. Do not stop over in Saudi Arabia. Do not enter art therapy rehab. Gitmo closing soon. All terrorists must vacate before the 2010 elections.

At least a dozen former Guantánamo Bay inmates have rejoined al-Qaeda to fight in Yemen, The Times has learned, amid growing concern over the ability of the country’s Government to accept almost 100 more former inmates from the detention centre.

The Obama Administration promised to close the Guantánamo facility by January 22, a deadline that it will be unable to meet. The 91 Yemeni prisoners in Guantánamo make up the largest national contingent among the 198 being held.

Six prisoners were returned to Yemen last month. After the Christmas Day bomb plot in Detroit, US officials are increasingly concerned that the country is becoming a hot-bed of terrorism. Eleven of the former inmates known to have rejoined al-Qaeda in Yemen were born in Saudi Arabia. The organisation merged its Saudi and Yemeni offshoots last year.

The country’s mountainous terrain, poverty and lawless tribal society make it, in the opinion of many analysts, a close match for Afghanistan as a new terrorist haven.

The number believed to have “returned to the fight” in the May 2009 estimate (at least 74) was double that of a US estimate from June 2008. US officials acknowledged that more detainees were known to have reoffended since, but the number has been classified. Officials said that a higher proportion of those still being held were likely to return to terrorism because they were considered more of a security threat than those selected in the early stages of the release program. TIMES ONLINE

Yemen’s Terror Problem

In recent months, Osama bin Laden’s ancestral homeland of Yemen has come into its own as al Qaeda’s safe haven on the Arabian peninsula. Now a U.S. court and the Obama Administration may send a batch of potential terrorists there.

U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler last week ordered the release of Alla Ali Bin Ali Ahmed, a 25-year-old Yemeni arrested in Pakistan and held at Guantanamo since 2002, citing lack of evidence. She told Washington to talk to Yemen about taking him back. The Administration already is grappling with what to do with nearly 100 Yemenis still left at Gitmo, which President Obama unwisely ordered closed. The U.S. is reluctant to repatriate them to a country where al Qaeda suspects regularly “escape” from jail. (But Obama does it anyway)

The U.S. is in talks with the Saudis and Yemenis about the Gitmo detainees. Obama Administration officials favor putting them through a Saudi rehabilitation center before release. That’s almost as risky as sending them directly to Yemen. Eleven former Saudi Gitmo inmates who went through rehab are back on the government’s most wanted terrorist list. Said Ali al-Shihri turned up in a January video as al Qaeda’s No. 2 man on the Arabian peninsula based in Yemen. If some of the Yemenis rejoined the global jihad — and the odds suggest they would — all that alleged “global good will” won for closing Gitmo will have come at far too high a price. Wall Street Journal

Obama frees terrorist with a long, documented history of crimes.

Why in the world did Obama release a known car bomber and terrorist from Guantanamo back to the Saudis? The terrorist that got the happy news that he was being freed is one dangerous character called Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair.The Department of Justice made the announcement late Friday, in the hopes that this illogical and dangerous decision on Obama’s part would have the week-end to get buried by other news.

But the DOJ failed to mention that the terrorist that Obama freed has a long and bloody history of mayhem and violence. And the articles I read from the mainstream media were only concerned that he had been on a hunger strike for three years. Not the fact that he had been convicted in absentia by the Bosnian Supreme Court for a car bombing which injured at least a dozen people. Zuhair worked closely with Al-Qaeda to carry out that attack. He never served a day for that crime either. According to the Summary of allegations presented to him at Gitmo he was also involved in the murder of William Jefferson, an American who was working for the United Nations in Bosnia at the time he was shot to death. But you probably want be reading any of that in Americans free and unbiased press.

Zuhairs list of crimes does not stop there either, as if that’s not enough. In 1993 a witness fingered him for participating in a massacre of Croatian civilians during the war. He was also arrested by Bosnia authorities for carrying not one, but three illegal machine guns. For some unexplainable reason he received a pardon for that crime. U.S. intelligence thinks that he belongs to the a special group of Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Takfiri. Kinda like the Nazi SS.

And then Zuhair may have been involved in the attack on the USS Cole. That allegation was listed on the Summary of Evidence against him at Gitmo too. Looks like all of Zuhairs crimes have been forgotten by Obama. But I guess that is something else that we will never know, because Obama has released the psycho to continue his bloody rampage against innocent people. I can hear the lefty loonies now, “But he will be rehabilitated in the Saudi Jihad Rehab. He will renounce his murderous ways, and live in peace with his brothers and sisters!” (Uh huh)

And if this Zuhair was involved in the attack on the USS Cole, that means that those murdered 17 sailors and theirs families have been denied justice yet again. President Saleh of Yemen always figured out a way to protect and pardon the Al-Qaeda killers in the Cole attack. But this time its an American President who is releasing known terrorists. Terrorism Politician