CANADIAN taxpayers shell out $3 million+ to NAZI-SALUTING MUSLIMS on the streets of Toronto

‘Gaza Freedom March’ Exposing the shared values of Nazis and the IslamoNazis, Muslims and their supporters marched for Hamas & Hezbollah terrorists, while Canadian citizens had to pay for it.

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has once again arrived at 180 Bloor Street in Toronto. The demonstration took place on Sunday, December 27 to mark the first anniversary of the war in Gaza (Operation Cast Lead). Hundreds of protesters arrived in buses organized by Palestine House in Mississauga. The protesters who carried Palestinian flags shouted against “racist” Israel and its apartheid policy in Palestinian territories, and called to lift the siege on Gaza, to support Palestinian freedom, and to support an Intifada. “Viva Palestina, Viva Intifida” shouted the protesters, some of which were a part of left-wing extremist Jewish groups who identify with the Palestinians in their struggle against Israel.

Information on the Canadian Union of Public Employees Blog Local 3907 indicates the direct organizational involvement of Palestine House in the Nazi March. PALESTINE HOUSE is listed as a Sponsor and as the sole information & contact resource for the “Gaza Freedom March”

The Kaffiyeh clad gentleman giving the Nazi Salute and holding the Palestine House flag. Notice the “flag staff”, it reads “Palestine House.” I guess Nazi Ideology is part of the curriculum taught in their ” language instruction andlebensraum immigrant settlement programs”. You know, the ones your taxes pay for.

This is taken from NGO Monitor’s submission to the CPCCA posted below.
•Palestine House Educational (PHE) (Mississauga, Ontario): PHE received $747,314 from the Canadian government in 2008-9 for language instruction ; and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has two agreements totaling over $3 million through 2010 for language instruction and immigrant settlement.

Picking up where they left off last year, calling Jews pigs and calling for Intifada (suicide bombings)

Hamas and Hezbollah (listed as a terrorist organization in Canada) join forces in this parade as noted by all the flags being waved. What, no swastikas?

Well like everything else nowadays I guess it takes alot of cash to train Nazis. Take comfort in the knowledge your tax dollars are being put to good use and will benefit our collective Suicide by MulticulturalismMosaic of Diversity. Thanks Mr. Government;)

These Allah Akbarites and Sieg Heilers  were standing directly across from the  pro-Israel counter-protesters holding up a sign which reminds us of how the Arab countries ethnically cleansed nearly a million Jews and stole all their properties.

This video explains the Nazi – Islamic terrorism connection: