I knew it! ISRAEL was behind the Christmas Day MUSLIM panty bomber…

…And the U.S. Government helped. Or so says a Washington DC imam.

I am just going to go straight to the point. If you go back for the last 20 years, from the first World Trade Center bombing in ’93… This is our view, from those who… We said it then, and we say it now, and this is the belief in the Muslim world: 90% of the bombing plots – or this plot or that plot – we believe is done by and with the help and the aid of Mossad, and the United States government.

This is our experience. We believe that whoever this guy is from Nigeria – we don’t believe he has any ties with Islam. If you talk about the World Trade Center bombing – all of these things are done… I can give you two quick reasons, and it will solve the problem. Number one – to blame these things on Muslims. You get the Patriot Act, you get the anti-terrorism bill, you get a right to what they call stop, put a freeze, on the global Islamic movement, which has been spreading, growing, and developing. You get a chance to launch missiles, to kill, and to put a freeze on the Islamic movement. But the Islamic movement is only the first target.

…Yes, definitely. This is our belief. We’ve said this. We have… I didn’t bring them all… We have “CIA Patterns of Deception,” “Zionist Control of Media,” “Babylon the Great” – these are years old – “Bush the Unifier”… Our belief has always been, since 1993, and we’ve done TV programs on it – that the United States government… Who do you talk about? You talk about Al-Qaeda. Where did Al-Qaeda come from? Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, and all that – those are US friends…

Interviewer: But why would the US do this to its own people?

Abdul Alim Musa: In order to control them….


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