So does this mean we can demand compensation from Saudi Arabia for the loss of the Twin Towers?

Iraq is seeking compensation from Israel over the 1981 bombing of a nuclear reactor it was building, according to an Iraqi MP.

Mohammed Naji Mohammed, an MP from the United Iraqi Alliance coalition, told the al-Sabahnewspaper on Tuesday that the cabinet had approved a plan to seek redress through diplomatic channels including the United Nations.

“Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the ministry of foreign affairs petitioned the United Nations and the UN Security Council to demand that Israel pay compensation … for the 1981 bombing an [Iraqi] nuclear reactor,” he was quoted as saying.

The cabinet was reported to have approved the move on November 25 and agreed to form a “neutral” committee to assess the value of the reparations it would seek. A UN security council resolution passed after the attack on the Osiraq reactor in June 1981 “stongly condemns” Israel’s air raid. al-Jazeera

The world condemned Israel for destroying the Iraqi reactor, then quietly thanked it after Saddam Hussein’s intentions were made known in the first Gulf War.

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