"WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS, we are jihadists, just trying to help 'helpless' Muslims"

PRICELESS!  5 Muslim-Americans arrested in Pakistan are saying that attempting to link up with al-Qaeda doesn’t make them terrorists. Just like Barack Obama, who refuses to call an Islamic terrorist, an Islamic terrorist. Here’s a tip, guys, you ain’t in America anymore.

Five Northern Virginia men arrested in Pakistan indicated Monday that they plan to fight terrorism charges that Pakistani police are recommending by using a strategy seen in U.S. courtrooms: that they were preparing for jihad but not planning any terror attacks.

The men told a Pakistani court that they had neither sought nor established contact with extremist groups and traveled to the region only “to help the helpless Muslims,” according to their Pakistani attorney. As they entered the courtroom, one of the men, Ramy Zamzam, told reporters: “We are not terrorists. We are jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism. (Uh, yes it IS)

No charges were filed during the hearing in Sargodha, but Pakistani police said their formal recommendation that the men be charged under anti-terrorism laws — and sentenced to life in prison — would be filed by Tuesday. A judge would decide whether to prosecute the five Americans, who are due back in court Jan. 18.

Pakistani police say the men were in contact with a Taliban recruiter, were seeking to join al-Qaeda and went to Pakistan to carry out terrorist acts.

A liberal loiyah for the men’s families, Nina Ginsberg, said statements by their Pakistani attorney “are consistent with the families’ views that the five are not terrorists. None of the family members has ever had the slightest indication that any of them would engage in the type of conduct being reported by the Pakistani officials.” (Oh that’s rich)

The emerging legal strategy reflects a view among some lawyers that prosecutors have misused the word jihad, especially since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and that it is a peaceful term that can mean studying Islam and caring for the sick. (Oh please, don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!) WASHINGTON POST