IRAN: Public Hanging turns to carnage

Pandemonium that broke out during the attempted public hanging of two robbers in southwest Iran led to two being shot dead, dozens injured, and the escape, albeit short-lived, of the convicts.

When the Sirjan town authorities tried to hang two men convicted of robbery on the morning of Dec. 22, protestors threw stones at the police and members of the court carrying out the execution. According to the semi-official Fars news agency, the protestors also shot at officers with handguns. Amidst the chaos, the protestors managed to cut down the convicts, who were still alive a minute after the attempted hanging. The police responded by opening fire on the protesters. Two of the convicts’ family members were killed in the fray with over 20 people also reportedly injured.

The convicts were soon tracked down by the police after fleeing Sirjan by car with the help of family members. They were then brought back to the execution platform and a second hanging began in the afternoon.

This time however, the protestors set the platform alight, once again preventing the execution of the convicts. The men did not manage to escape a second time however, and were detained by police until the next morning, when they were hanged behind closed doors. OBSERVERS.france24

We must pray for these decent Iranians to get rid of the Islamic dictators. Certainly, they can no longer expect help from the United States, now that Barack Hussein Obama has cut all funding to the resistance.

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