DETROIT: 'MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISM' protest expected hundreds/thousands to turn out

But ONLY 12 MUSLIMS showed up with signs reading “Islam is against terrorism” and “Not in the name of Islam,” according to the NEW YORK TIMES

MY FOX DETROITThe scene at federal court on Friday is likely to be a media circus, but there are a number of other people who plan to be there, as well. Many Muslim-Americans who want to send a message to the world. “This is serious. We’re putting our faces in front of the world. We’re telling the terrorists we’re Americans. If you want to kill Americans come kill us,” said Majed Moughni with the Dearborn Area Community Members.

Moughni says it’s time for Muslims to stand up against the terrorists. He says hundreds, even thousands, will be joining him outside the federal courthouse in Detroit on Friday for a peaceful protest with a strong message. “This is people from all over Southeast Michigan coming together and saying we’re against terrorism. Our message is going to be louder than the message the terrorists have sent. The masses will be speaking,” Moughni said.

I commend Moughni’s intent but apparently his fellow Muslims don’t share the feeling. The Detroit, especially Dearborn area, has one of the largest Muslim populations in this country. For only 12 people to show up is a disgrace, and very telling about what Muslims really believe – America deserves it.

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