Finally, a wonderful story about a Muslim cabbie in NYC

A Bangladeshi taxi driver in New York City has gone out of his way to track down the person who left $21,000 in cash in the back of his cab…and he refused to take any reward.

Mukul Asadujjaman, a medical student, drove nearly 50 miles to an address he found with the money. He left his phone number when he found no-one at home. The money belonged to an Italian grandmother visiting the US.

Mr Asadujjaman was offered a reward, but he turned it down saying that as a devout Muslim he could not accept it.

Felicia Lettieri, of Pompeii, Italy, and six relatives had taken two cabs on Christmas Eve, Newsday newspaper reported. Mrs Lettieri, 72, left her handbag behind, with more than $21,000 of the group’s travelling money, jewellery worth thousands more, and some of their passports. Her sister, Francesca Lettieri, 79, of Long Island, said the honest driver had saved her family’s vacation.

Asked if he was tempted to keep the cash, Mr Asadujjaman said the money would have allowed him more time to study, “but my heart said this is not good”. He also turned down a reward, saying he could not accept it as a devout Muslim, Newsday reported. “I’m needy, but I’m not greedy,” he said. “It’s better to be honest. BBC

This is a good story, so no comments about the annoying music usually heard in Muslim’s taxis.