Opponents of proposed Illinois Islamic Center fear financial link to foundation that funds Iran's nuclear weapons program

And of course, Terrorist Front Group CAIR, is right there with a potential lawsuit in hand, charging the group with Islamophobia . (Aren’t they always?)

DUPAGE COUNTY  –  After citing concerns over parking and late-night services, residents near Naperville are offering DuPage County officials a new reason to reject a proposed Islamic center in their neighborhood: a financial connection to a foundation suspected of aiding Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The Christian Science Monitor has an article entitledWhat’s known about Iran-linked Alavi Foundation

It’s no secret that the Alavi Foundation spreads the message for the Iranian government, says Hamid Azimi, communications director for the Iranian-American Community of Northern California. In fact, he says, it’s just one part of Iran’s “propoganda machine” in the US. Treasury, Justice Departments target Iranian Regime Assets – Alavi Foundation

Federal authorities this month moved to seize an array of U.S.-based properties, bank accounts and religious sites connected to the Alavi Foundation, which they allege has been funneling money to an Iranian bank owned by the Iranian government and being used to help build its weapons program. The proposed Irshad Learning Center,received a $300,000 mortgage last year from the Alavi Foundation, according to documents filed with the DuPage County recorder’s office.

Resident Peter Poteres notified County Board members of the financial connection, saying it raised questions of whether the proposed facility near his house would be “a homeland security risk.”

“Where did this money come from? Did Irshad Learning Center get money through the Iranian government?” he said. “I think those are fair questions.” Mahmood Ghassemi, chairman of the board for the Irshad Learning Center, said that the allegations against the Alavi Foundation have “nothing do with us” and declined to comment further.

But supporters of the center have said religious bias is behind the objections. “We fear that the board may have acted on improper factors in rejecting the Irshad Learning Center’s permit, and we will continue to pursue this matter in hopes of achieving a just resolution,” said Kevin Vodak, attorney with the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which will be representing Irshad as it considers appealing the county’s ruling.

County Board member John Zediker, who represents District 5, which includes Naperville, said the board has asked the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office to look into the connection between the Irshad Learning Center and the Alavi Foundation to see how it might relate to the group’s zoning petition.

But the proposal for the center has generated sharp opposition from neighbors, who say late-night services and overflow parking would constitute a nuisance. Residents say services, which begin at sunset, would end particularly late during summer. In a document submitted to the county, neighbors said nearby houses are occupied by young children whose bedrooms are in the back of each house and who might be disturbed by noise and light.

Poteres, whose home is right next to the site sought by the center, said the county had increased the occupancy and parking limits for the Islamic center compared with the previous tenant. He added that the financial link to an organization suspected of illegally providing services to the Iranian government raises concerns. CHICAGO TRIBUNE

This might be one of the prettiest sounds on earth to Barack Hussein Obama, but I guarantee it won’t be to the neighbors of this proposed Islamic Center.

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