The al-HATFIELDS vs the al-McCOYS

Say the Sunnis about the Shiites…”They would kidnap a child, boil him in water, skin him like a sheep, then wrap the body in cloth, put it on a platter and serve him up to his family.”

Sunni vs Shiite, and vice versa, reminiscient of the Hatfields and the McCoys, but on a much larger scale, a clash of seventh century civilizations. And the reason why there will NEVER peace among Muslims. Read TIME Magazine’s  Why They Hate Each Other

We don’t know whether the Shiite tradition of freelancing one’s way to the top of the clerical hierarchy is related to the fact that historically most of the host governments have been Sunni, and therefore freelancing was necessary for a Shiite cleric. It appears, however, that Iran is trying to create Shiite state religion that seems to parallel in certain aspects the way that Sunni clerics have functioned.

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi strand of Sunni Islam seems to be the McDonalds of their religious world, setting up and operating wholly-owned subsidiaries and franchise operations around the globe. Iran appears to be trying to put together the Burger King of Shiite Islam, with its franchise operations in Lebanon and Iraq, among other locales.

Saudi marketing has to date been more subtle in fulfillment of their religious duty to spread Islam, like their widespread endowments of educational institutions and presidential libraries, and their lavish support of ex government officials; they also have sometimes taken pains to separate themselves from their more aggressive franchisees like Mr. bin Laden. Iran’s marketing of Islam has been more in-your-face, a strategy that has worked for them rather splendidly since they humiliated Jimmy Carter and America 27 years ago.

For a long time, the Sunni marketing machine has had a lead on the Shiites. Is it any wonder that Iran, under CEO Ahmadinejad, has lit on a strategy to “Super Size” the destruction of the infidels in order to establish brand dominance for Shiite Islam? Dinocrat