IF ONLY! Saudi Cleric tells Arabs to stop flying to the U.S. because of enhanced security measures

Muslim preacher Sheikh Sulaiman al Dowaish has urged Saudi authorities to consider the travel ban following an announcement by the United States that “enhanced screening” measures will be put into place for passengers from 14 countries, including Saudi Arabia.

The extra steps were taken after last month’s attempt by a Nigerian Muslim to detonate a bomb on board a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry has asked the Obama administration for clarifications regarding the new security measures. Officials said the oil-rich kingdom would not tolerate security procedures that tarnish the honor and dignity of Saudis. (Good, stay home) The website noted that 22,000 students from Saudi Arabia are learning at American universities

Saudi security researcher Sultan Al Anqari blasted the new U.S. regulation, telling GulfNews.com that the Obama government is resorting to a form of political blackmail against Saudi Arabia because of the country’s anti-Israeli policies. (No it’s because 16 of 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis)

“It is part of a collective punishment against the Saudis, who are also victims of the wrong doing of some deviant people,” he said LIVE LEAK

As always, Terrorist Front Groups like CAIR and the ACLU concur.

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