YEMEN terror chatter points to new attacks on U.S. aviation

20 Yemeni terrorists may try to enter the US from Canada.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tightened air security Thursday afternoon amid new threat-related intelligence hinting that Al Qaeda inYemen is readying more U.S. attacks, the Daily News has learned.

Napolitano said passenger flights are being covered by even more Federal air marshals – who sources said are being bolstered in the surge in the skies by immigration agents. The feds are also conducting random passenger checks and adding more suspects put on terror watchlists.

U.S. counterterror officials told The News the latest air security measures are a response to fresh intelligence on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The information suggests the group is actively plotting more homeland attacks after the Christmas Day attempted bombing.

The credible information about AQAP does not include specifics such as a target, date or location, but is sufficiently worrisome to ratchet up defensive measures, one U.S. counterterror official said.

Former President George W. Bush‘s advisers warned the incoming Obama administration during the 2008 transition of the growing threat posed by AQAP in Yemen. “We have been focused for over a year on AQAP,” one official said Thursday. Yet White House counterterror guru John Brennanadmitted last week that the intelligence community still managed to underestimate AQAP’s capability “of actually launching individuals here.” (Gee, maybe that’s because your Homeland Security Chief believes the only terrorists are right wing Christians?)

The official said the best guess among U.S. intelligence analysts is that the Yemeni thugs are aiming at America to raise their stature in the global jihad – asLashkar-e-Taibadid with the 2008Mumbai,India, attacks, and Al Qaeda allyal-Shabaabis now accomplishing inSomalia. NY DAILY NEWS

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