UPDATE: STILL NO PLEDGES of support from oil rich Arab MUSLIM states to Haiti

Haiti earthquake pledges by county. Silence from the Persian Gulf States.

I posted this story on Jan. 14th: where-are-the-pledges-of-aid-for-haiti-from-all-the-oil-rich-arab-gulf-nations

Tracking the ever-increasing pledges of financial aid and other assistance for quake-stricken Haiti is a difficult business, but the UN’sOffice for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is attempting to do just that. The OCHA has the tricky task of trying to orchestrate the efforts of the dozens of aid agencies either in Haiti or on their way there.

Its list of donors tracks both monetary sums and donations in the form of assistance and equipment, both from governments and corporations. However, it does not cover the millions of pounds of private donations pouring into appeals such as that launched in the UK by the Disasters Emergency Committee – where you can also make a donation. UK GUARDIAN

Country/ organisation – Funding-Committed/Uncommited US Dollars

Private (individuals & organisations) 135,430,093

Others 105,353,650

US 100,000,000

World Bank (emergency loan) 100,000,000

Brazil 15,530,000

Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) 10,000,000

UK 10,000,000

UN & agencies 10,000,000

Australia 8,992,806

Canada 5,491,330

Japan 5,327,154

Norway 4,939,341

China 4,400,000

Spain 4,329,004

European Commission 4,329,000

Denmark 3,493,048

Germany 3,463,204

Netherlands 2,886,003

Switzerland 1,941,748

Finland 1,803,752

Italy 1,565,145

Estonia 1,000,000

Guyana 1,000,000

New Zealand 1,000,000

Sweden 898,668

Luxembourg 722,900

Russian Federation 700,000

Belgium 651,876

Greece 290,000

Czech Rep 288,600

Inter-American Development Bank 200,000

South Africa 134,904

TOTAL 546,162,226

Meanwhile, the tiny country of Israel pepares to build a field hospital in Haiti.

Brigadier General Dr. Nachman Ash describes the field hospital that the Israeli medical corps is preparing. Emergency supplies are then shown being prepared for their journey to Haiti. Medical equipment, uniforms, blankets, and other goods are organized for the two week field hospital that will be built to provide disaster relief by the Israeli army.

First baby born at Israel’s field hospital in Haiti was named ‘Israel’ by the mother.

The IDF field hospital is currently the largest operating in Port-au-Prince. It has a staff of over 40 doctors, with different specialists, nurses, paramedics and features a maternity ward, ICU, pediatrics unit, internal medicine department, a pharmacy, and operating rooms. The hospital can treat up to 500 patients a day.