FINLAND: Airport security may soon start scanning travellers based on their religion or citizenship. YES!

What a great idea! All Muslims to the scanning line.

A syndicate of regional papers reports that a policy of passenger profiling may be adopted if Finland begins using new — and controversial — electromagnetic scanners.

30% of Muslims in Finland are welfare leeches

Finland’s aviation authority Finavia is considering whether to invest in electromagnetic scanners. But their bulky size and prohibitive expense means they would not entirely replace standard metal detectors.

This is why, explains Finavia’s head of corporate security Jyri Vikström, they may use passenger profiling in addition to random scans. Vikström adds that profiling would require the approval of the European Union. He does not think it is a question of discrimination.

The so-called X-ray scanners have also caused controversy because they appear to take naked pictures of the people scanned. The subject’s naked outline is clear, as are some anatomical details. H/T ISLAM IN EUROPE