Joe Kaufman of 'Americans Against Hate' beats seven RADICAL MUSLIM groups. AGAIN!

The Texas Supreme Court has declined to hear the case brought against the Chairman of Americans Against Hate, Joe Kaufman, by seven Dallas-area Muslim terrorist-supporting organizations which claimed Kaufman had libeled them in an article written for FrontPage Magazine.

The lawsuit had previously been dismissed by the Texas Court of Appeals, which ruled that the case had no merit to continue.

Kaufman had not mentioned any of the seven groups in the article in question. The article was concerning the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an organization Kaufman had exposed as being connected to the financing of terrorism overseas.

Kaufman stated, “It has been over two years since this frivolous lawsuit was filed against me, and I am thrilled that the Texas Supreme Court has agreed with our side and has stopped this case from going any further. In October 2007, seven radical Muslim groups attempted to rip my American freedoms from me, and my lawyers and I have fought hard to allow me to keep them. I’m hoping that this case will set a clear precedent for the future, so that this type of injustice will never happen again. I want to thank everyone who helped me win this. It is indeed a victory for freedom.”

During the case, Kaufman received legal support from a number of high profile groups, including the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Middle East Forum’s Legal Project, and the Thomas More Law Center. MICH NEWS H/T Counter Jihad

Joe Kaufman’s website: AMERICANS AGAINST HATE