CNN shows despair in American hospitals to hope in Israeli hospital in Haiti

CNN Reporter compares the few hospitals actively saving lives in Haiti. One hospital outshines them all.

There are no Israeli earthquake victims in Haiti but Israel was the first country in the world to set up such an advanced hospital in Haiti and up to this moment it’s also the only one. It took them less than 8 hours to set up that hospital . Right now the people in Haiti don’t need to hear how the world is going to help them rebuild their country in the next few years. They need medicine and more medicine. Israel offered the same help to Iran and Indonesia when they had to deal with their natural disasters, but they arrogantely turned it down.

Israeli disaster missions and humanitarian aid are always given without strings, and the people who do it do not do it in anticipation of cheap “PR” that will improve Israel’s “image.” Such disaster aid missions have been sent to numerous countries, in addition to ongoing projects that provide cardiologists and opthalmologists to needy patients in developing countries.