STOP the killing of Coptic Christians by MUSLIMS in Egypt

EVEN the U.S. Congress has written to President Mubarak about the Coptic Christian killings.

We write today to express our grave concern regarding numerous reports that have emerged of six Coptic Christians and one Muslim security guard who were tragically killed following a Christmas Eve service in the town of Naga Hamady in Qena province, Egypt.Initial press accounts indicate that a gunman accompanied by two others drove by the church opening fire on the worshipers as they exited the service. Additional reports indicate that thousands of mourners in Naga Hamady that turned out to show their support for the victims’ families at the funeral were sprayed with tear gas by government security forces. We call upon you to urge the judicious use of force by government security forces during this difficult time and to ensure that the three perpetrators that have voluntarily turned themselves in to authorities are properly prosecuted. FREE COPTS

On January 19th, 2010, Copts gathered in New York City to protest the violent killing of Christians by Muslims in Egypt.