UK MUSLIM POLICE say Islam is NOT to blame for terror attacks

The question should be why are there MUSLIM police in the UK? Muslim police officers have rebelled openly against the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an “affront to British values” which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest.

The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) claimed that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the “driver” behind recent terrorist attacks.

The officers told MPs that Muslims were being “stigmatised” by the Government’s attempts to tackle terrorism, which was adding to “hatred” against entire communities.In the official intervention, the association said the Government’s anti-terrorism policies could not “continue unchecked.” (No problem, just fire all the Muslim police)

MUSLIM Policewomen

The comments, made in a seven-page memorandum to a parliamentary committee investigating extremism, are embarrassing for Gordon Brown. They indicated that Muslim officers may be reluctant to take part in “hearts and minds” anti-terrorism campaigns. (Maybe that’s because they ARE the terrorists)

The organisation, which represents more than 2,000 officers, was previously publicly backed by Mr Brown. The Prime Minister said the association was crucial to bridge the historic divide between Muslims and the police. (CRAP)

There have been growing concerns about the radicalisation of Muslims in Britain. The failed Detroit bombing on Christmas Day was carried out by an al-Qaeda-inspired extremist who had studied in London.

The Daily Telegraph disclosed last week that American intelligence agencies believed that Britain had the greatest number of Islamic extremists of any Western country.

In an analysis of the Prevent strategy, which is a set of policies designed to stop radicalisation, the organisation claimed: “The strategies of Prevent were historically focused on so-called Islamist extremism. “This has subjected the biggest black and ethnic minority community, and second biggest faith group, in an unprecedented manner, stigmatising them in the process. (But that’s where most of the crime and all of the terrorism emanates)

“Never before has a community been mapped in [such] a manner … it is frustrating to see this in a country that is a real pillar and example of freedom of expression and choice. (Never before has one community been solely responsible for the most heinous attacks)

“Our British system is a model for the world to follow, yet we have embarked on a journey that has put this very core of British values under real threat.”

The association warned there were “echoes” of the racism of the 1970s and 1980s which led to inner city riots. “We appear to have ignored the lessons learnt from these dark days,” the officers said. (When all else fails, cry RACISM)

UK Police adopt uniform hijab (headscarves) for female Muslim recruits.

There is growing criticism among Muslim groups of the government strategy, which was welcomed by mainstream police organisations. The policies are aimed at stopping Muslims from becoming radicalised through measures such as sponsoring moderate community groups.

Ministers insisted that the strategy, which costs more than £140 million a year, had “real successes”. More than 200 people were convicted of terrorist offences in the past eight years.

But the NAMP claimed the policies had led to “hatred against Muslims” which “has grown to a level that defies all logic and is an affront to British values.” (NOOOOOOO, Muslims cause hatred of Musilms)

UK Police Sniffer Dogs forced to wear bootees during house searches of Muslims because they think “dogs are dirty.”

The organisation said Prevent should focus on confronting far-Right extremists such as the BNP. (HAH! The BNP hasn’t staged any terrorists attacks) The Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main driver of terrorist activity. UK TELEGRAPH H/T AIC