Of course, it’s MUSLIMS. It’s AWAYS MUSLIMS. Britain’s terrorist threat level was raised tonight from “substantial” to “severe” – meaning that counter-terrorism agencies believe an attack is “highly likely.”

Sources said there had been intensive discussions throughout the day relating to intelligence suggesting a possible attempted “spectacular” by an al-Qaeda affiliated group.

But the shift was also described by one source as “precautionary” rather than rooted in any firm information that an identified terror cell was plotting an attack.

Mr Johnson said: “The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has today raised the threat to the UK from international terrorism from substantial to severe. This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely, but I should stress that there is no intelligence to suggest than an attack is imminent. JTAC keeps the threat level under constant review makes its judgments based on a broad range of factors, including the intent and capabilities of international terrorist groups in the UK and overseas.

MI5 says the threat levels give “a broad indication” of the likelihood of an attack and assessments are based on “a range of factors including current intelligence, recent events and what is known about terrorist intentions and capabilities.” TIMES ONLINE

So why did PM Gordon Brown cut the funding for Britain’s counter-terrorism programs? Is he trying to be like the MUSLIM terrorist-sympathizer in the White House?

PRESSURE was piled on PM Gordon Brown today to explain cutbacks in counter-terrorism programs because of the weakened pound.

The Lib Dems called for an urgent statement from the PM after it was revealed programs to tackle terror in Pakistan had been cut — just hours after Mr Brown said unrest in the region was the “number one security threat to the West.”

The budget shortfall emerged yesterday during a speech by Baroness Kinnock in the House of Lords. She said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was trying to deal with a shortfall of a whopping £110MILLION — and this is expected to grow next year.

Her disclosure caused astonishment in the Lords and came just hours after Mr Brown told the lower chamber, the House of Commons, that the “crucible of terrorism” on the Afghan-Pakistan border remained the “No. 1 security threat to the West.”

Shadow foreign secretary William Hague said the cuts were the “direct consequence of Labour’s decision to remove the FCO’s protection against exchange rate movements”.

He said: “Pakistan has been identified as one of the major sources of the terrorist threat to this country. “Cutting FCO expenditure on counter-terrorism programmes in Pakistan because of the movement of exchange rates is clearly not the way to run an effective foreign policy. “It is time that the truth is known and the full extent of the damage done to British diplomacy overseas laid bare.” UK SUN

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