Arabs say, "LACK OF PRESSURE on Israel by America is turning the peace process into a corpse." GOOD!

HAH! ALL the pressure has been on Israel and the Paliscum have not been asked to make one single concession except to recognize Israel which they refuse to do. Screw’em!

US President Barack Obama’s special Mideast envoy George Mitchell has left Israel after a series of meetings in Jerusalem and Ramallah, and sources in the Palestinian Authority said Sunday afternoon that the Palestinian leadership is not ruling out the possibility that a peace agreement will not be reached during President Mahmoud Abbas’ term

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his hope that the Palestinians will show an interest in the peace process, but the sources noted that the Palestinians were deeply disappointed with the lack of American pressure on Israel, which is turning the peace process into “a corpse which cannot be revived in the nature of talks held up to the past few days.”

The sources added that the Fatah movement has made a strategic decision not to change its stand on the West Bank settlements and the nature of the negotiations. “The Palestinian street backs our stand that we must not return to the negotiation table based on the Israeli conditions, while there is no serious solution in the horizon.”

Where would Palestinians go if they couldn't STEAL Israel?

The Palestinians also accused Israel of bringing about the collapse of the outline formed recently with the conditions presented by the Jewish state. The sources noted that the Americans have begun looking into a possibility of another interim agreement.

A senior Palestinian official told Ynet that “resuming the negotiations will only be possible with a clear American letter of guarantees referring to a state within the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital and to a solution of all other issues included in the permanent agreement.”

According to the source, the Palestinians are unfazed by Netanyahu’s remarks that the Palestinians have gone too far with their demands. “This is not a matter of going too far. We don’t think that the settlement issue is going too far,” he said. “We are beginning to understand that without minimal American pressure, this will not happen soon and perhaps not even in the coming years.”  (Americans already tried MAXIMAL pressure, how about if Israel just wipes them out? That would end the problem) YNET NEWS