GERMANY: Blonde schoolgirls attacked for NOT wearing Muslim headscarves

The BAGHEAD debate is gaining a new, brutal dimension in Berlin where Muslim girls with headscarves punched blonde fellow students without headscarves, pushed them to the ground and kicked them. One Muslim baghead tried to set fire to the hair of another blond student.

The victims are mostly Polish. About 80% of the 500 students in the school are of foreign (mostly Muslim) origin. School officials are very concerned.

Rita Herrmanns of the Berlin school authority says that fundamentalist tendencies have been taking over in Berlin schools as well in recent years. Increasingly, more girls wear headscarves, more Muslim parents forbid their daughters from participating in class trips, swimming and sex-ed classes.

Principal Volker Steffens who sees the consequences on the front lines says that Islamist tendencies and direct racist attacks by girls are striking.

The victims are blond Polish girls since they’re Catholic and yet very liberal, and therefore embody everything that the headscarf-girls reject. Steffens says the reason for the conflict is often envy. The girls are banned from many things in their own strict religious upbringing at home, but in school they see other girls who are allowed more. They get jealous and want to beat up the children from more liberal families.

Germany isn't Britain (yet) where Non-Muslim policewomen must put bags on their heads to enter a mosque

Volker Steffens sets limits to the violence and aggression and says that incidents are discussed with the students and dealt with, going from reprimands to being excluded from school events or from school. Rita Herrmanns says that this is good, since the one thing that shouldn’t happen is to look the other way. This violence should be made public. ISLAM IN EUROPE

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