He's got a room full of weapons, a grenade launcher, a MUSLIM headcovering, maps of military bases….

….yet the FBI says, “It’s NOT a terrorist thing because he isn’t affiliatated with a terrorist group.” Did everyone forget the lone Muslim gunman who shot up the Army recruiting station?

How stupid do they think we are?

The FBI said today that the man arrested early Monday in New Jersey with a high-powered rifle and a hotel room full of weapons that included a grenade launcher was “not a terrorism thing. Investigators found the cache of weapons, which in addition to a grenade launcher, included another high-powered rifle, a night vision scope, a police scanner, a Middle Eastern-looking head scarf, a map of a military installation and a map of an out-of-state civilian community.

Local authorities in Branchburg Township arrested 43-year-old Lloyd Woodson Monday after responding to a call about a man acting suspiciously, according to a report by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office. When he was arrested, Woodson was wearing a bulletproof vest and was carrying a high-powered rifle under a long military-style jacket with several clips of hollow-point ammunition. ABC NEWS

Soon we will find out he converted to Islam in prison.

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