UK MUSLIM SEWAGE spits on war medals of dead war hero

AN IRAQI-BORN POS MUSLIM crudely spat on the medals of a dead war veteran as they were worn by his grandson at a Remembrance Day parade a court heard.

Serwan Abdullah, 23, launched his attack as Timothy House chatted to a 91-year-old veteran following the parade in November last year. Mr House, 44, was wearing his late grandfather’s Second World War military medals at the commemorations in Portsmouth.

When Abdullah was arrested he told police “I’m proud of what I’ve done. I’ve no respect for him. F*** his medals.”

He failed to attend the hearing at the city’s magistrates court where he was convicted in his absence of assault. A warrant for his arrest has now been issued. Mike Hancock, Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South, last night described Abdullah’s actions as “appalling”.

And Falklands veteran Chris Purcell, 50, said: “To spit on the medals of a man who fought for our country is disgusting.” UK EXPRESS H/T Religion of Peace

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