STARTING NOW, any airline passengers who refuse a full body scan will NOT be allowed to board a flight out of Great Britain.

Sounds good, but will they detect the detonating devices al-Qaeda is trying to use in Butt Bombs and Boobie Bombs?

The technology began operating at Heathrow and Manchester airports yesterday. Birmingham will follow suit later this month before the anti-terror devices are rolled out nationally. The move – strongly criticised by civil liberties campaigners (and MUSLIMS?) who say the scanners are an invasion of privacy – follows the attempted Detroit bomb attack on Christmas Day.

‘If a passenger is selected for scanning and declines, they will not be permitted to fly.’

"Right this way, ladies"

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned that the scanners breach privacy rules under the Human Rights Act for their naked images. The exemption of under 18s from being scanned, which was in place during the trial of the machines in Manchester, has also been removed. UK DAILY MAIL