Guess what Obama's letting into Boston Harbor? GAS TANKERS FROM YEMEN!

The Coast Guard said yesterday that it will allow tankers carrying liquefied natural gas from Yemen into Boston Harbor despite concerns about the cargo coming from a country that has been called a haven for terrorists.

The decision, which means LNG ships could begin arriving in Everett later this month, drew immediate condemnation from Mayor Thomas M. Menino, a longtime critic of allowing LNG shipments through the harbor. He accused the Coast Guard of putting profits ahead of people.

“This is all about helping a commercial enterprise,’’ Menino said in an interview. “I’m about helping protect people’s property and lives. They’re saying they will be as safe as any other LNG ship. I say they’ll be as unsafe as any other LNG ship.’’

Opponents of the plan worry that terrorists could board the ships as stowaways and potentially ignite the flammable gas, though the company importing the LNG, Distrigas of Massachusetts, disputes the risk. READ MORE: BOSTON GLOBE

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