MUSLIM CHAPLAIN caught sneaking box cutter blades into NYC prison

A Muslim chaplain for the city Department of Correction was arrested this morning for allegedly trying to smuggle in three box-cutter blades and a pair of scissors to a lower Manhattan jail.

The chaplain, Zul-Qarnain Shahid, has worked as a DOC jail chaplain for the past three years, department sources said.

Several sources said Shahid was caught this morning attempting to bring the three triangle-shaped utility blades, often used for box cutters, into the jail known as the Tombs during a visit there. It was not known why the Muslim cleric, who has the title imam, was visiting the jail. A DOC spokesman had no immediate comment.

The city’s Department of Investigation said, “This arrest demonstrates the serious consequences of bringing in contraband to the city’s correctional facilities. Thanks to the immediate action of a DOC officer this potentially dangerous situation was disarmed.”

Muslims in NYC jail praying

According to New York State Corrections Department records, a now-58-year-old man with the same name as Shahid was sentenced to 15-years-to-life in prison for second-degree murder and first-degree robbery in 1979. That man was paroled in 1993 after serving nearly 14 years, and remained on parole until August 2001.  Read the DOI release here (PDF) NY POST

Where there's a radical Muslim, there's an ACLU schmuck right by his side

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