Is Israel helping Islamic terrorists to learn how to make SMART BOMBS?

Then why is the State of Israel paying for Palestinian terrorist prisoners to study at Hebrew University?

It’s got to be the crazy liberal Jews who thought this one up.

An advertisment by the “Prisoners’ Club” in Ramallah gave notice that 100 prisoners from the Rimon jail are enrolled at Hebrew University as foreign students. It also said that three prisoners had received Masters’ Degrees.

“Givng the prisoners an education is an important step (in WHAT?), and the heads of the [terror] organizations in the jails encourage the inmates to join the studies at Hebrew University”, imprisoned terrorist Jamal Rajoub said.

Rajoub added that the prisons also give prisoners courses in “general education.”

Israel’s Prisons Authority has a long-standing policy of accomodating prisoners’ demands in order to avoid riots and strikes, which can only be quelled violently. The Prisons Authority has stated that it is not sure it would receive the backing of the political and legal system if such actions would be necessary. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

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