LA Times begins countdown to the end of KEITH OLBERMANN's COUNTDOWN

Even the Left Wing-leaning LOS ANGELES TIMES predicts the demise of the worst person in the world on television, Keith (COUNTDOWN to no ratings) Olbermann.

By — Andrew Malcolm

Remember Keith Olbermann?

[Or as ANN COULTER so aptly calls him, “MSNBC’S  Obama jock sniffer” along with Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews]

He was the one-time must-see anti-Bush ranter who helped rescue MSNBC (yes, it’s still on at night) from even worse oblivion years ago.

Well, quietly last month while no one was looking, hardly anyone was watching Keith Olbermann anymore.

The guy, who’s even apparently tried to get some Sarah Palin-like eyeglasses, is now forced to leap over-the-top on ex-state senators like Scott Brown and Tuesday’s worst person, Fox News’ Glenn Beck. Beck is the successful talker with the perfect haircut for radio. Like most Americans, he wasn’t watching Keith.

There are a of reasons for KO’s frustration and anger and volume and core meltdown over the Massachusetts election outcome, among other issues of galactic import. But mainly,  Olbermann’s showboat is sinking. Listing in you-know-which direction.

It’s as if he thinks talking LOUDER will keep his low cell battery from dying.

Worst, Olbermann’s network president, Phil Griffin, is publicly praising him, always an ominous sign in television. While referring to his host almost in the past tense. “Keith has been our tentpole,” Griffin says, adding later, “I’m pleased with where we are.”

Where they are, as Jeff Bercovici points out over at Daily Finance, is way behind the big boys over at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and gang. In fact, Keith is so far behind Bill, he can’t even make out the state of the license plate, let alone the numbers. Bercovici thinks Americans may be outgrowing Olbermann’s schtick.

In the most desirable TV demographic of 25-54, which Keith will soon outgrow himself, Countdown” lost 44% of its audience from the beginning of President Obama’s term until this year.

Olbermann averaged 268,000 viewers last month in that sector. That’s just several thousand sets of those eyes more than Campbell Brown over on CNN. According to one count, Keith even finished in that time slot behind Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace!

And she’s on Headline News, Headline News, the repetitious TV channel the repetitious TV channel inflicted on all U.S. airline travelers within any boarding area around the clock so that when, at least an hour late, each person is finally crammed into plane seats between professional wrestlers, they feel relief.

On the bright side, which everyone knows KO is fond of spotting, his MSNBC audience was only 696,000 viewers 24-54 behind O’Reilly, whose audience has grown 55%, according to Bercovici. Of course, it might be worse this month.

In the immortal words of Edward J. Smith, captain of the Titanic, “What iceberg?  LA TIMES

Olbermann’s pathetic attempt to spin his lousy ratings:







And speaking of losers, consummate ‘LEFT WINGER’ Ron Reagan, Jr. provides ample evidence as to why the twice bankrupt liberal talk radio show, Air America, finally pulled the plug on itself.

While it’s now clear most libtalkers won’t be affected by Air America Radio’s abrupt shutdown, that hasn’t stopped one of its fired hosts from lashing out at the “corporate support” that somehow props up its conservative counterparts.

Desperate to shift blame anywhere he can, Seattle sourpuss Ron Reagan has bucked the “open for business as usual” approach his counterparts have taken, using Salon to fire at will.

Taking shots at Rush Limbaugh, Scott Brown and others unrelated to AAR’s closure, Reagan manages to avoid one key question: his own share of the responsibility.

Hey Ron, how about your ratings? Where were they? How about station affiliates- how many did you bring to the table? Were you entertaining, or a bore, mostly reading from a script and spending much of the show coming across as angry and bitter toward your successful conservative rivals? Did you bring a broad, intelligent perspective to the debate, or was it merely a reflection of dimwitted Seattle white liberal parochialism?

And when conservative talk enjoys “corporate support”, isn’t that because there’s an audience for advertisers to reach? Finally, Ron, when and where have you ever succeeded at anymedia pursuit? RadioEqualizer

Well…..he has succeeded at soiling the name Reagan.