Her bloody face twisted in a cry of despair and fear, a young girl cradles the body of her mother killed in a suicide attack

Grief of young girl who survived one suicide bomb… only to see her mother die in second attack at hospital where they were supposed to be safe.

KARACHI – She can’t stop staring at the mess of her mother’s intestines, spilled out along the smoking, debris-strewn street. Her eyes are dead with shock. They were supposed to be safe.

The girl sobs as she clutches her mother's body

The pair had already survived one bombing in Pakistan today. They were at a hospital in Karachi, being treated for their wounds, when a suicide bomber blew himself up right in the middle of the ambulances. The blast blew clothes and sandals off nearby victims. Ten people, including the mother, died as plume of white smoke rose over the hospital.

They had been deliberately targeted by militants, who knew that survivors from the first attack would be taken to the Jinnah hospital.The cruelty of the sick ‘herding’ tactic by militants is breathtaking.

Girl cradles her mother's forehead as she stares in shock at the bloody wound in her stomach, torn open by shrapnel in a suicide bombing at a Karachi hospital

Twenty-two people died in the first blast, torn apart when a suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up among a group of Shi’ite Muslims in the commercial centre of the city. And, horrifyingly, it was the second time today that such a method was used. UK DAILY MAIL

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