Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's resident lesbian, calls tea party conventioneers "racists"

Rachel Maddow referred to attendees of the National Tea Party convention in Nashville, Tennessee, as white-hooded racists.

Continuing MSNBC’s sad tradition, Maddow first attacked one of the convention’s speakers: “The opening speech last night was given by failed presidential candidate, ex-congressman and professional anti-immigrant, Tom Tancredo who started the event off with a bang, a big loud racist bang.” NEWSBUSTERS

Give Andrew Breitbart a TV show! At National Tea Party Convention, he says to the media, “It’s NOT your business model that sucks, it’s YOU that sucks.”

Andrew finished his speech with this warning to the media: “If you don’t start reporting the truth I will organize a protest in New York City on Madison Avenue and you won’t be able to escape to the Hamptons for the weekend.”