Somali MUSLIM Pirates are threatening to sell British couple to Al-Qaeda

One bid from Al-Qaeda. SOLD to the highest bidder.

Mr and Mrs Chandler from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, have been held apart in makeshift camps to make any rescue attempt more difficult.

The couple, aged 60 and 56, were shown separately on television last week looking gaunt and exhausted and shortly afterwards were allowed a brief meeting.

“We brought them together a few days ago,” said Abdullahi Dhagaweyne, a commander of the pirate gang holding the Chandlers. Mr Dhagaweyne, who spoke from Haradheere, the pirate town on the central Somali coast where the couple have been kept, warned the gang was “losing patience” and could sell them to al-Qaeda-linked factions. He said: “I cannot confirm that they will forever be in our hands if no ransom is paid, there might be another decision in the future.”

A sale to Somalia’s radical al-Shabaab militia, which has been linked to al-Qaeda, is a potential alternative to a ransom payment which the Chandlers relatives and friends cannot afford. We may sell [the Chandlers] to anyone who pays us the money we want, if we don’t get ransom in the future.”

Meanwhile it has emerged that the Chandlers were warned not to sail the route on which the Lynn Rival which cuts across pirate passages. (I knew it) “I told them again and again, we all told them, that they should not go to Tanzania,” said Andre Hoarau, the manager of the Seychelles Yacht Club. “No way would I wish upon anyone what’s happened to them, but at the same time it’ll be hard for them to argue that they didn’t know the risks.” (Let them rot) UK TELEGRAPH