UK MUSLIM Hate Preacher slurs and slurps at British taxpayer expense

RANTING Anjem Choudary, whose food is paid for by taxpayers at the rate of $40,000 per year, enjoys a slap-up meal with mates.

Choudary is a lawyer by profession and able bodied, but chooses not to work and unashamedly lives off taxpayers (Although why the British government lets him get away with this is a mystery to me). The hate preacher was filmed for a bizarre video spouting more slurs – while slurping chocolate milkshake and gorging on kebabs. One scene of the film, titled Jihad Milkshake, was shot last November in Leyton, East London. Choudary is served a feast of chicken and lamb shish kebabs plus pitta bread and chips – while condemning UK and U.S. military action in Afghanistan. UK SUN

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