Iran cuts itself off from the world in preparation for more anti-government violence tomorrow

The Iranian authorities are gearing up for expected disruptions at festivities to mark the anniversary of the Islamic revolution on Thursday. With no YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, it looks like any potential unrest may be silenced by the blackout.

Gee, don’t they want to see our reaction when Ahmadinejad punches us in the face tomorrow, as promised?

For several days now it has become increasingly difficult to access the Internet and send SMS messages in major cities. Communications Minister Reza Taghipour said that the slow connection was caused by an undersea optic-fibre cable that runs across the Persian Gulf, which had been damaged due to shipping traffic and anchoring. (HAH!)

It seems that the blackout is part of a wide-ranging set of precautions being put in place by the authorities to prevent anti-government protesters from organising and communicating events on the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Nevertheless, the protesters are pledging to turn up and demonstrate despite the potential blackout. One blog has listed “Tips” for protesters, advising them to carry vinegar-soaked cloths for tear gas relief, medical kits, and rocks to throw at the police. Point seven says: “We must make it as difficult as possible for Ahmadinejad to give a speech on the main podium“. Accessing this kind of online information from inside the country however seems almost impossible. OBSERVERS.france24

What the Iranians are doing to anyone suspected of being a political dissident is what Obama would like to do to opponents of his administration.

He’s already got all of us on his domestic terrorist list.