AUSTRALIA: Growing problem of Female Genital Mutilation

As the Muslim populations of Western countries increase, so do the barbaric customs associated with and approved by the followers of Islam.

ABC NEWS Health authorities in Australia say they are concerned about the growing number of women who have undergone some form of genital mutilation. Female circumcision is illegal in Australia, but experts say there is evidence that it is being practised here. More and more migrant women are also seeking help after having the procedure in their home countries. Across Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia, female genital mutilation is practised on about three million girls and women each year. The centuries-old custom has been outlawed in Australia since the 1990s.

DAILY TELEGRAPH Some 180 words into an ABC piece on female genital mutilation in Australia, this paragraph appears:

Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital says it is seeing between 600 and 700 women each year who have experienced it in some form.

And that’s just in Melbourne. What about Sydney? Adelaide? Perth? What the hell is going on here? The hospital’s Zeinab Mohamud tries to explain:

“Some people when they hear they say, ‘how can that happen?’ It’s when something is cultural and the people have been doing it for so long, it’s not easy to either eliminate it or to say, ‘you have got a bad culture’,” she said.

You have got a bad culture. It’s not that difficult to say. Dr Ted Weaver, of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, is similarly delicate: Dr Ted Weaver agrees and he says ordering people against the practice would be inappropriate.

No. Weaver’s response is inappropriate. Recall the words of Kevin Rudd from last September:

“Silence is tantamount to tacit approval,” he said …“We cannot afford to be silent … We have a responsibility to speak up and say ‘I swear never to commit violence against a woman’. “I swear never to excuse violence against women and I swear never to remain silent about violence against women, and this is my solemn oath as a man, that is the oath to which all men of Australia should adhere to and swear.”

Further from Weaver: “If we try and dictate and pontificate about this and not provide culturally appropriate care, we’ll further disenfranchise those women,” he said.

Forget disenfranchised. They’re disfigured. H/T SHEIK YERMANI

EVEN IN AUSTRIA, FGM is a problem.

AUSTRIAN TIMES Between 6,000 and 8,000 women in Austria have been forced to undergo genital mutilation, according to Social Democratic MP Petra Bayr.

Bayr, a member of the Austrian Platform against Female Genital Mutilation, said today: “Many parents believe they are doing their daughters a favour by forcing them to undergo it.” She said the only way to change such thinking was to engage in awareness-raising and make it clear to parents that genital mutilation was neither called for by religion nor a pre-condition for finding a husband. Rather, she added, genital mutilation was a violation of human rights that left its victims mentally and physically damaged for the rest of their lives.