Say What? MUSLIM jail chaplain NOT charged for allegedly trying to sneak razors into a city jail

A Manhattan  grand jury voted Tuesday NOT to charge a Muslim jail chaplain with trying to sneak razors into a city jail, his defense lawyer said.

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Zul-Qarnain Shahid

The Muslim prison chaplain caught bringing razor blades and scissors into the downtown jail known as The Tombs walked free yesterday when a grand jury couldn’t decide whether to indict him or dismiss all charges. (What were they afraid of – getting their heads cut off?) But he still faces charges including felony counts of promoting prison contraband, and has another court date set for April 27. Whatever the decision, the Correction Department says it will seek to fire Zul-Qarnain Abdu-Shahid, who in the 70s took part in a supermarket robbery that resulted in the death of one shopper.

Abdu-Shahid got a 14 year prison sentence for that crime (that the Correction Department wasn’t aware of when it brought him on in 2007), and his lawyer say he shouldn’t get another, reports AP. He claims his client didn’t know the razor blades were in his bag—he’d used them to strip paint off a window months earlier— and the scissors were also dropped in and long-forgotten. Before yesterday, Abdu-Shahid was in custody unable to make bail set at $50,000, one thousand more than his yearly salary as a Correction Department chaplain. FWIX