Mohammed Atif Siddique, a loner who was obsessed with jihad and fantasised about becoming a suicide bomber, has attacked the justice system for criminalizing “thought crime” and destroying his family’s reputation.

He walked free from court yesterday after judges overturned his conviction on a terrorism charge. He aspired to be a suicide bomber, but law requires a direct link. (Isn’t Scotland the country that released the Lockerbie bomber to Libya because he only had 3 months to live? He should have been dead in November but he’s alive and well, according to recent reports)

His trial in September 2007 heard that he spent hours at his computer, accessing al-Qaeda-supporting websites and chatrooms. Among the thousands of files recovered from his laptop and home computer were manuals on constructing explosives and footage of suicide bombers promising holy war against the West. Officers said he could not have joined some password-protected sites unless regarded as committed to the cause.

The court also heard of how he had frightened his fellow students at Glasgow Metropolitan College, where he had been studying computing, by showing them images of beheadings by terrorists and by making threats to blow up the city. One student, Razia Hussain, recalled that Mr Siddique, whom she said had been nicknamed Suicide Bomber, was reluctant to talk about anything that did not involve Islam.

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