""MUSLIMS GO HOME" graffitti spray-painted on a mosque is now a "hate crime" in Tennessee?

State, local and federal officials are investigating vandalism discovered at the Al-Farooq Mosque on Fourth Avenue South as a possible hate crime.

State, Local AND Federal????? Who the hell is going after the real criminals?  

The words “Muslim go home” and several crosses were spray-painted in red on the exterior of the building, and an expletive and hate-speech filled note was left at the youth center, according to a board member of the mosque. Salaad Nur said the note contained the message that Islam is the enemy and that the religion is trying to destroy the United States and Israel. (Since when is the truth a HATE CRIME?) Members of the mosque planned to meet last night with law enforcement to discuss the crime.

“It was an unexpected thing,” Nur said. “It kind of shook us.”

Metro Police Sgt. Brooks Harris of the Specialized Investigations Division said his department will investigate because of the obvious sign that the vandalism could be classified as a hate crime. He said he notified the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as well as the FBI, to see if federal laws were violated and look for potential similarities with vandalism late last year at a mosque site in Murfreesboro.

Elias Feghali of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition blamed media reports and talk radio hosts who fan the flame against Muslims in Tennessee for the vandalism. (Nooooo, it’s Muslims who create hatred for Muslims) TENNESSEAN

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