Mid-Atlantic TERROR SCARE forces British Airways jet to return to Heathrow

The Boeing 747 jumbo jet was heading towards Mexico when U.S authorities barred it from American airspace because of ‘serious concerns’ about a 55-year-old male passenger.

The authorities noticed a ‘data discrepancy’ with the U.S. (MUSLIM??) citizen more than two hours into Friday’s flight which was when Flight 243, carrying 318 passengers, was ordered back to the UK.

The man was escorted off the plane at Heathrow and searched under the Terrorism Act. He was then handed to immigration officers but it is not known if he was released. A BA spokesman said: ‘The BA243 Heathrow to Mexico City flight returned to Heathrow on Friday afternoon due to a data discrepancy with a US citizen.

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: ‘There has been no breach of security at Heathrow as a result of this incident.’ UK DAILY MAIL

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