So many stories about Muslim persecution of Christians, so little outrage from the Christian community

Stories of Christians being abused, tortured, persecuted, and murdered by Muslims are so numerous it’s hard to choose which to post. Here are just a few of the many recent links:

Violent death of 12-year-old Christian girl who died from torture and malnourishment has cast a rare spotlight on abuse of the Christian poor in Pakistan

In an uncommon challenge in the predominantly Muslim nation, the Christian parents of Shazia Bashir Masih protested police unresponsiveness to the alleged violence against their daughter by Muslim attorney Chaudhary Muhammad Naeem and his family and his attempt to buy their silence after her death. An initial medical report indicated she died gradually from blows from a blunt instrument, wounds from a sharp-edged weapon, misuse of medicines and malnourishment.

Muslim Assailant in Street Attack on Christian in Turkey Ordered Released

An Istanbul court has ordered the release of a jailed Turk who publicly threatened and held a knife to the throat of a Christian he attacked six months ago.

Islamists Force Local Governments to Close Down Christian Churches in Indonesia

Under pressure from Islamist groups, authorities ordered the closure of two churches on Indonesia’s Java island.

Outbreak of Violence in Nigeria Burns Down 10 Churches, Kills 48 Christians

Two pastors and 46 other Christians have been confirmed killed in the outbreak of violence, triggered when Muslim youths on Jan. 17  Police said violence was triggered by an unprovoked attack by Muslim youths on worshippers at a Catholic Church.

Islamic Militants in Kenya Murder Christian Leader

Having learned that he had left Islam to become a Christian, Somali militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab shot the leader of an underground church to death outside the capital city of Somalia this month and have threatened to kill his wife.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Life under ‘Blasphemy’ Law

A young Christian shopkeeper was sentenced to a life term in prison and fined more than $1,000 last week following a dubious conviction of desecrating the Quran.

Converts from Islam Struggle to Survive in Sudan

Christian woman run out of home – and beaten – while another is prohibited from leaving.

Muslim Relatives of Sudanese Christian Woman Pursue Her, Son

A Sudanese woman and her 10-year-old son who fled to Egypt after converting from Islam to Christianity is living in secluded isolation as her angry family members try to track her down. “Their aim is to take them back to Sudan, and  force them to return to the Islamic faith or sentence them to death according to Islamic law.”

Muslim Mob in Pakistan Wounds Christian Family

Infuriated by an alleged anti-Islamic comment by a mentally ill man, more than a dozen Muslims attacked his Christian family here last week, beating his 20-year-old sister unconscious and breaking her leg.

Kidnapped Iraqi Christian Doctor Freed in Critical Condition

Islamic kidnappers in Kirkuk, Iraq last week dumped a Christian doctor in critical condition in front of a mosque after 29 days of torture and threats to him and his family.

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