NORWAY Islamists call for cutting all diplomatic ties

The Norweigian newspaper Dagbladet’s printing of a drawing where the Prophet Muhammad is portrayed as a pig has escaleated into calls for Muslim countries to pull their ambassadors out of Norway.

AttenpostenRequire that Muslim countries pull out their ambassadors from Norway. The 57 Muslim states must put pressure on Norway and Denmark to stop such follies and degrading drawings, “says sekreætr Suhaib Hasan from the UK Islamic Sharia Councilof the semi-governmental Iranian TV channel al-Alem.

– Muslim leaders, organizations and international institutions must immediately react vigorously to stop these attacks on our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family) and use all means to give victory to our noble prophet, “said Mashaal al-Muallith, member of the politburo of the Kuwaiti Salafistbevegelsen.

– Cut all diplomatic relations with Norway, encourages Islamist representative, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad (24), the Norwegian-Iranian, who threatened Norway with its own 9/11 during the anti-Dagbladet demonstration, was interviewed in Communist newspaper Klassekampen and said gays deserved to be stoned.  Then Dagbladet lodged a complaint against him for threatening to kill two of their journalists.

The Klassekampen interview:

Q: Why did you use PST’s threat-estimate in your speech?  Wasn’t this a demonstration against Dagbladet’s printing of the pig illustration?

A: I demonstrate against the authorities, Dagbladet, the media and all those who lead this crusade against Islam.  The media is also part of this.

Q: You also said on Friday that Muslims should participate in ‘your democracy’.  But isn’t that exactly what you’re doing when you participate in a demonstration?

A: No, since the demonstration was a way to respond to the attack which is legal.  In other countries we would have used other methods.  Democracy has no place in Islam, because Islam forbids man-made laws.  The only one who can come with laws is Allah.

Q: You prefer a dictatorship?

A: No, Sharia isn’t a dictatorship.  Those are the best and just laws.  But today nobody governs by God’s laws.  Those who claim that they govern by Sharia, don’t do that.

Q: Many Muslims disagree with you that Islam is incompatible with democracy?

A: Then they said that despite what it says in the Koran.  They’re either hypocrites or apostates.

Q: I saw on Facebook that you gave support to Jihadists in Afghanistan and Somalia, among others.  Does that mean that you, for example, support al-Shabaab?  (Al-Shaabab is considered a Somali terrorist organization by Western intelligence organizations, including PST)

A: Yes, if they are Muslims.  If they do wrong, it’s between Allah and them.

Q: They’ve stoned a person to death, among other things.

A: As far as I know that person was gay, and that is the punishment he deserves.

Q: That’s an extreme standpoint?

A: That is the standpoint every Muslim has to follow by his religion.

Q: Muslims in Somalia are now fleeing because of al-Shaabab?

A: We should look at the real reason that they’re fleeing.  It’s not because of al-Shaabab, but because America supported the invasion of Somalia which ruined [it] for those who want to have Islamic rule.  Then came groups like al-Shaabab to defend Islam.