VIJAY KUMAR: The first ANTI-SHARI'A candidate for Congress

“I no longer believe that there is an Israel-Palestinian conflict, or an India-Pakistan conflict, or a Serbian-Bosnian conflict, there is only Universal Jihad.” –Vijay Kumar



“If America was a country of racists as its detractors portray, I would be a busboy at a fast food restaurant, not running for U.S. Congress.” –Vijay Kumar

I love this guy. We need more of these kinds of candidates. LOTS MORE!  –BNI

I am Vijay Kumar, and I am running for the 5th District Congressional seat presently held by Jim Cooper. I am an immigrant from India who has lived in Nashville for twenty-one years, and when I ran in the last election, I was blessed with winning almost a third of the vote.

I am running again because Congress has failed to take leadership on the issues of illegal immigration, taxation, English as our official language, our economy, healthcare reform, abortion, and the War on Terror, and I hope you share my belief that it is time for new leadership.

As an immigrant, I know firsthand the value of coming to America lawfully. I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to live the American dream.

Today, the fabric of that dream is being torn apart by multiculturalism, “political correctness,” illegal immigration, and radical Islamic terrorism. While many immigrants come here legally, eager to assimilate into American culture, others come with the purpose of replacing the American way of life. They seek to function as a state-within-a-state, with laws based upon the culture of their homeland that would destroy U.S. constitutional law. This cannot be allowed for any reason.

For illegal immigrants there should be no amnesty, and all the immigration laws must be rigorously enforced as a national security issue.We must grant citizenship only to those who vow to embrace and defend American values and culture.

We must affirm English as our official language. Linguistic divisions among people are as destructive as racial and religious divisions.

To save our economy we must adopt the Fair Tax plan. It abolishes the IRS, and casts off the heavy chains of federal personal and corporate income taxes, inheritance taxes, social security taxes, and a host of others, replacing them with one simple federal retail sales tax. Families would be taxed only on what they spend, not on what they earn, save, and wish to leave to their children. Americans spend more than $150 billion dollars annually for the preparation of taxes. What a waste!

It’s estimated that a staggering $20 trillion sits parked outside the United States in tax havens. The Fair Tax will bring that money home to rebuild domestic industry and jobs.

Our health care delivery system is broken, and a bandage won’t fix it. The quality of healthcare delivery deteriorates in every country where universal healthcare exists. Consumer-based health care is the answer, not employer-based, not government-based.

I am pro-life, unwaveringly and without compromise. Adoption and education are the solutions. The two-parent, father-mother family is the framework upon which our values are built. Anyone who seeks to destroy the family seeks to destroy the nation.

Congress’s strategy for fighting the global war on terror is a failure. I maintain that this war can be won.

It must be waged on multiple fronts: ideological, financial, and military.

We must openly declare an ideological war on militant Jihadists, the real source of terrorism. We must stop all forms of aid to terrorist-supporting nations such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the Palestinian territories, regardless of any short-term gain we derive from supporting them. Meanwhile, we must strengthen our ties with neighboring democratic nations and support their efforts to fight our common enemy, Universal Jihad.

We must create a coalition of democracies that have been targets of International Jihad, including the United States, Britain, Western Europe, India, South Africa, Israel, Russia, and Japan so that all may join to stop global terrorism, and together we must establish and maintain a strong, lasting military presence in the Middle East.

In the end, I can only be your representative in Congress if I am accessible to all of you, my constituents. You have my promise that your concerns and interests will always be heard.

My family and I thank you for your support in my run for the 5th District Congressional seat. We ask your prayers for almighty God to bless us in this cause. Only by His aid and assistance can we succeed.

One of our favorite commenters, Frankly Opinionated, has created some designs for Kumar’s campaign. Check them out and tell your friends in Tennessee: VIJAY KUMAR FOR CONGRESS

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firstclcloud First Amendment RightsFreedom of speech is essential to a free, democratic country.
secondclcloud Second Amendment RightsAny discussion of recreational hunting insofar as the Second Amendment is a smokescreen.
dollarcloud EconomyWe live in a global economy and to compete at all we must compete globally with free trade.
energycloud Energy PolicyAmerica’s energy policy is not just an economic issue; it is a foreign policy issue, a national security issue, and an environmental issue.
educloud EducationThe federal government has no constitutional right to be meddling in education, and its meddling has been a grand failure.
worldcloud Foreign Policy: Israel and IndiaIsrael is our ally against terrorism. As the only true democracy in the Middle East, she is our staunchest supporter.
usacloud National SecurityA ghost is haunting the world—the ghost of radical Islamist terrorism. Cities worldwide have experienced terror, mass murders, and destruction by terrorists.
taxclcloud TaxesThe “Fair Tax” is a fair tax and must be passed into law, abolishing the IRS and its absurd tax code
familycloud FamilyFamily is the foundation upon which civilization has been built.
healthcarecloud Health Care & MedicareOur entire health care system is an abysmal failure because we have neglected to focus on preventative care and education.
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family2cloud Right to LifeSince the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, taking life in the womb has been legal in America.
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hammercloud We must oppose Sharia (Islamic) Law in the USSharia (Islamic) Law is slowly permeating America. We are focused on the global “War on Terror” and are ignoring a more dangerous threat developing right within our country.
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